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Sete Anéis unveils the enchanting fusion of two cherished musical genres, folk and tango, evoking the soul and spirit of South America’s diverse cultures. Katrina Lee (violin) and Roberto Kuhn Versluys (guitar) of the Escocia Duo demonstrate their glowing love of the music, seamlessly intertwining their instrumentation to weave narratives that capture the essence of each composition.

From the lively rhythms of tango to the poignant strains of folk melodies, every track on this album is a testament to the ensemble’s dedication to preserving and reimagining these traditional sounds. Listeners can expect to be transported through time and space as they journey through the vibrant landscapes of South America, guided by the expressive voices of the violin and classical guitar.

The deep-rooted emotions, passions, and stories of South American heritage resonate throughout the album, making Sete Anéis a must-listen for music enthusiasts of all genres.

Sete Anéis – Escocia Duo

SKU: BR028
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